3 Important Tips for Effective Camping with Kids

Going camping with kids can be a fun and exciting way to, not only, give kids an alternative to their phones, tablets and other hand-held devices, but it can also be a fun alternative way to learn.

As a father of a special needs son, I’ve always looked for interesting and fun ways to teach and engage my son outside of the classroom.  Camping and other such activities always seem to fit the bill. 

Here are some simple tips for ensuring that your kid’s camping trip is a fun and enjoyable experience.

1.  Don’t be Afraid to Fail

If this will be your first camping trip with the kids, spend lots of time planning and making sure that you have everything you will need, but don’t be afraid that you won’t be able to do it safely.  We all want our kids to be happy and safe but everything we do, we for the first time at some point.  Camping with your kids will be exactly the same thing.

If necessary, plan a trip within 90 minutes of your home, that way, if something goes wrong you won’t be fair from the safety  and comfort of home.

2. Protect yourself from insects

If you have ever been camping, you already know how harsh the bugs can be, especially up here in my native Ontario.  My family have had to cut trips short because of mosquito bites. Bring enough bug and insect repellent, the squirt liquid bottle is better than the aerosol spray, both for the invironment as well as for the proper distribution.  Also, loose-fitting clothes are essential to make sure that the insects can’t get directly to the skin.

3. Plan plenty of games and activities.

This could also include learning activities and adventures.  Outdoor games are the best since these are what makes camping fun.  But we need to plan indoor and outdoor games in case of inclement weather.  There is nothing worse than being hold up inside a tent in the rain with nothing to do.

There are a few simple things that my family always brings on camping trips:  A simple deck of cards, bean bags and hoops, binoculars, a “birds of Ontario” guide book, light paperback books, a chess board, a scavenger hunt list.

These simple tips could make your kids, not only, really enjoy their camping trip, but also beg you to take them camping again.