Fun with Hover Boards: Four Ideas to Get You Started

So it’s been weeks since you’ve started using your hover board to move around the house. And like many others, you eventually began to wonder whether there are more exciting ways of using the personal transportation device. Well, there are probably dozens or hundreds of ways to have fun with hover boards—but here are some of the best ones:

  • A Race for Two

If you have two hover boards at home, or know someone with a hover board, this could prove to be quite fun. Of course, you’ll need a fairly spacious area to make this work—and to reduce your chances of bumping into each other. Also, it would be best to check your chosen space for evenness as some boards don’t handle bumps very well.  

  • Artistic Activity

There’s something captivating about the aesthetics of hover boards. However, that doesn’t mean you have no way of making them look cooler. Design your own decals, have them made, and stick them on your board. Likewise, you could make changes to the paintjob. Treat your board like a custom car and go for matte or pearlescent paint.

  • Try Some Tricks

Yes, there are all sorts of tricks that can only be done with a hover board. If you’re a beginner but you’re confident about keeping yourself balanced, you could aim to ride with both feet on one side. Experts, on the other hand, are welcome to try one-eighty flips. Yes, it’s all about spinning the board then jumping and landing back on it perfectly.

  • Cosmetic Contest

For girls (or women) who love the challenge that comes with putting on makeup, trying to do the same thing while riding a hover board might turn out to be quite amusing. While this would surely be messy (with lots of wasted cosmetics), it’s definitely a way to settle the score on who’s the best makeup artist in the group.

Hover boards aren’t just a smaller substitute to the bulky Segway. They’re an excellent choice for the adventurous, or those who wish to find new and exciting activities. So, once you’ve tried some of these ways of having fun with hover boards, try to come up with your own—and don’t forget to share them with your fellow enthusiasts.